sea.jpgIntegrated Energy Therapy ®

I.E.T is one of the next generation of power energy therapy systems. It is a powerful and yet gentle healing therapy. I.E.T uses the Violet Angelic Energy Ray brought to you through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to work with your 12-Strand DNA.

I.E.T will support you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present. I.E.T will also help and support you to evolve into your future and assist you to discover your soul's mission.

The reason that the word 'Integrated' forms part of the name is in order to convey the healing vision of I.E.T of 'Integrating the pain of the past, into the healing power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future'. I.E.T wonderfully complements other holistic therapies & may be combined with Reiki in a single energy session.

What will I.E.T do for you?

The objective of IET is to provide a simple and yet gentle way to open the vital life force within the human body and human energy field by integrating suppressed feelings from cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blockages, in other words to release the issues that we have stored in our tissues. It has been recognised that with each event in our lives we store the memory of these issues and events in our bodies.

I.E.T works to support the release of these memories and issues that we have stored at a cellular level. Storing up all these issues in our tissues can leave us feeling tired, lethargic, burdened, weighed down by the weight of the world, stressed and de-motivated it's as if we have lost our direction or our purpose in life.

I.E.T works to rebalance the energy of your body's cellular memory and energy body and supports you in your self-healing process.

How will I.E.T help you?

There are many benefits to be gained from experiencing I.E.T. Firstly the session itself is very relaxing, using a therapy couch means that you can lie down if you choose, whilst remaining fully clothed at all times and be warm and comfortable. Cushions and fleece blankets aid relaxation and rest, soft gentle music & candles set the scene.

I.E.T can also bring about an increase in energy levels, ease stress, release long held issues and traumatic events stored in your muscles and tissues easily and gently. Quality of life often feels improved, often with a renewed sense of direction and focus.

After a session clients often talk about how relaxed they feel, because they feel less stressed and more balanced. Clients also talk of feeling much lighter of feeling less weighed down by the weight of the world, having an overall increased sense of well-being.