Sue CoulterAngelic ReikiĀ - Gentle Pure and Powerful

What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is a gentle Ascension-level energy appropriate for our time

It is a simple and effective tool for healing and self-healing. Angelic Reiki will connect you to the Ascended and Angelic realms opening your divine heart, connecting you to the Angels for pure divine healing, no symbols are used. It is high vibrational energy.

It is a gentle yet powerful energy system that is well-tried and safe to use on all life on Earth.

What are the benefits?

Each session lasts an hour, the time is very relaxing, providing you with the opportunity to unwind, de-stress and switch off for a while. A therapy couch provides comfort and support enabling you to lie down and fully relax. After a session clients often talk of feeling balanced and centred, with a greater sense of well-being. Many people have found that regular sessions of Angelic Reiki continue to increase levels of well-being, psychic awareness and spiritual gifts as they make their journey into the light. So why not try a session today...